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Mini Releases Pricing on EV and It Is Normal!

Electric Vehicles really offer a lot, even to enthusiasts. They are quick. They provide gobs of torque for a quick rush. And they are cheap to operate. But those prices are ridiculous.

The only affordable EVs are the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and the Hyundai Kona EV. These are not exciting cars. They are fine utility vehicles, but they offer little excitement. BMW and Mini have an ace up their sleeve: The Mini SE.

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Photo: BMW Press Group

The Mini Cooper SE won’t be blowing away any Tesla Model 3s, but a 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds isn’t awful. It will have a nice interior, good looks, and I’m pretty sure it’ll end up being pretty reliable. Probably the most reliable Mini on the road.


The Cooper SE chassis was designed to be an EV from the start. It’s about 17 mm higher than a traditional Mini to allow for its battery pack. The EPA range hasn’t been test, but on the European cycle it’s good for around 150 miles of range. Maybe a little more for normal people. You’re not normal.

So, how much? $29k and it’s nicely equipped. Unlike Tesla, Mini still gets the full federal tax credit of $7,500, it’s also likely your state and locality offer tax credits or other perks.


This is approachable for most folks. For us it means we could have a nice EV and save our pennies to fuel or petrol powered toys.

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