Steve, another timely reason to get receipts is the rash of credit card info theft at gas stations or as a result of the Target/Home Depot debacles. I've had my credit card compromised twice this year alone. Where was it used? At both Home Depot (shocking) and several gas stations. We have started to save all receipts… » 10/23/14 3:31pm Yesterday 3:31pm

I really think this Tesla targeting is a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. I cannot believe this is still going on. Our local, state, and federal governments are completely asleep at the switch after becoming fat, dumb and happy from the auto lobbyists. From a Fox News report: » 10/21/14 12:42pm Tuesday 12:42pm

I'm not sure if E34 models have the same problems as E46s, but it could be a slight crack in the reservoir. And whatever you do, follow BMW's rules and use BMW coolant. Seriously, you'll ruin any fix you eventually end up doing. I speak from experience. » 10/20/14 6:24pm Monday 6:24pm

I've flown on several UH-1Ns (twin engine variety) as a Missile Launch Officer in the Air Force and several UH-60s in Iraq, plus an Osprey in Iraq. Helicopters have a weird feeling of hanging from the air. On one mission, I had to test digital cameras at 10,000 feet (the helo's service ceiling) while hanging out of… » 10/20/14 11:23am Monday 11:23am

Could the X-37B, or a craft like it, be capable of even capturing a small enemy satellite in orbit and returning it to the US? Why not? Theoretically the X-37B could fly up to the object, take meticulous pictures and measurements of it using optical, laser and radar sensors, then a second flight could be prepared to…

» 10/18/14 2:20pm Saturday 2:20pm