First, great piece. This proves Jay Leno's point that enthusiasts will always be able to own great cars, but drive EVs on a daily basis. You're in the vanguard. I drove a Tesla and loved it, but there isn't a deal in sight. We may consider an i3 which is apparently not selling to well either. I understand they're… » 7/20/14 11:18am Sunday 11:18am

I didn't know much about scouting as a youngster, but my son is in Scouts and we love it. I see others discuss the politics, that's a sham. Change has happened and will continue to happen. Rome wasn't built overnight. The value you demonstrate is very true. When I review resumes, trust me, Eagle Scout jumps off the… » 7/19/14 4:09pm Saturday 4:09pm

Tesla Model S P85+ Test Drive - SHAZAM!!!

This is what most people saw during my recent test drive of a Tesla Model S P85+. Teslas are starting to become common place, so there is no need to impart a lot of details. The notable observation I made was just how different Tesla's dealership works. We meandered in and asked if we could look around. "Of course,… » 7/19/14 3:04pm Saturday 3:04pm