I learned my lesson early on. Sixteen years old, Mom calls my cell phone, and in the process of talking with her I blow through a red light at 11pm on a Tuesday. "Mom, I just ran a red light, I'll call when I'm at my destination." I hung up on her, chucked the handset into the backseat, and she didn't call back. » 1/08/15 5:08pm 1/08/15 5:08pm

I really think this Tesla targeting is a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. I cannot believe this is still going on. Our local, state, and federal governments are completely asleep at the switch after becoming fat, dumb and happy from the auto lobbyists. From a Fox News report: » 10/21/14 2:23pm 10/21/14 2:23pm

"Oh, around 11,400 or so. Kind of obscene."

My cousin has a problem. Addiction. Obsession. Or maybe just an awesome hobby! Andy is a rabid collector of toy cars of all types, but by far his collection is composed of Hot Wheels cars. The grand total comes to over 11,400 cars. He has them stored in a database, but the purchases never stop, so when I phoned him… » 5/27/13 7:21pm 5/27/13 7:21pm

How do I save a special car from an evil, neglectful owner?

So Jalopnik... I live in the Midwestern US, and there's a car that I drive by almost every day. It's a late 1980s Buick Grand National. The interior (as of 8 months ago) appeared to be in nearly flawless shape. The harsh oscillation of weather (record triple digit summers with single digit winters) is slowly… » 5/21/13 10:00am 5/21/13 10:00am