I learned my lesson early on. Sixteen years old, Mom calls my cell phone, and in the process of talking with her I blow through a red light at 11pm on a Tuesday. "Mom, I just ran a red light, I'll call when I'm at my destination." I hung up on her, chucked the handset into the backseat, and she didn't call back. »1/08/15 5:08pm1/08/15 5:08pm

I really think this Tesla targeting is a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. I cannot believe this is still going on. Our local, state, and federal governments are completely asleep at the switch after becoming fat, dumb and happy from the auto lobbyists. From a Fox News report: »10/21/14 2:23pm10/21/14 2:23pm

How do I save a special car from an evil, neglectful owner?

So Jalopnik... I live in the Midwestern US, and there's a car that I drive by almost every day. It's a late 1980s Buick Grand National. The interior (as of 8 months ago) appeared to be in nearly flawless shape. The harsh oscillation of weather (record triple digit summers with single digit winters) is slowly… »5/21/13 10:00am5/21/13 10:00am