No, it's not an Audi - Subaru announces the WRX S4 JDM

I posted this last night when the press release came into my email. Subaru announced its new WRX S4 for its home market will be revealed in one month. Below is a teaser silhouette. The bottom line: Subaru is promising a more luxurious WRX without losing any of its sporting nature. Could this be the end of the… » 7/26/14 9:17am Saturday 9:17am

I'll ignore the $64K price, since nobody is getting an M4 for that price. So, moving up the cashier's buttons a little bit, I am seriously looking at the F-Type Coupe S. I have driven it and love it, but I'm still leaning towards an M4 for a myriad of reasons including the practicality of an M4. Let's be honest, I'm… » 7/25/14 3:55pm Friday 3:55pm

I was on a panel with BGen Pete Worden (ret) who is the Director of NASA's Ames Research Center yesterday (24 July 2014). The reason all of this came about, according to his recounting of discussions with Elon Musk, was to have an effective way to land on Mars vs crashing into Mars. The economic benefits are, believe… » 7/25/14 3:52pm Friday 3:52pm

I travel a ton. I fly pretty much only first class. I do not use WiFi in flight. Ever. On most longer flights the WiFi goes away shortly after you leave either coast of the US. I have used it in the past and found it a waste of my time. Most of my work is proprietary and I don't even open my laptop anymore on an… » 7/25/14 3:40pm Friday 3:40pm

First, great piece. This proves Jay Leno's point that enthusiasts will always be able to own great cars, but drive EVs on a daily basis. You're in the vanguard. I drove a Tesla and loved it, but there isn't a deal in sight. We may consider an i3 which is apparently not selling to well either. I understand they're… » 7/20/14 11:18am 7/20/14 11:18am

I didn't know much about scouting as a youngster, but my son is in Scouts and we love it. I see others discuss the politics, that's a sham. Change has happened and will continue to happen. Rome wasn't built overnight. The value you demonstrate is very true. When I review resumes, trust me, Eagle Scout jumps off the… » 7/19/14 4:09pm 7/19/14 4:09pm

Tesla Model S P85+ Test Drive - SHAZAM!!!

This is what most people saw during my recent test drive of a Tesla Model S P85+. Teslas are starting to become common place, so there is no need to impart a lot of details. The notable observation I made was just how different Tesla's dealership works. We meandered in and asked if we could look around. "Of course,… » 7/19/14 3:04pm 7/19/14 3:04pm